Monday, October 21, 2013

Yurena's Dream Job (NA2)

I feel very strongly that the job of my dreams is teaching.  For me, the teacher’s role is very important in our society because the better teacher you are, the more your pupils learn.
I personally believe that teaching children has several advantages. If you ask me, I would say that the most important thing is working with children and playing while you work. Furthermore, being part of the children`s world everyday is relevant. As a result, the happier the children are the more satisfaction I have. Moreover, I can enjoy myself everyday with the close relationship among teachers and students. In addition to this, it is vital when I recognize not only the mistakes but also children`s progress and effort.
Apart from this, there are other things that make me happy at work. Firstly, having a good work-life balance is fundamental because everybody needs to do other things apart from their job. Take for example, going out with your family, practicing some sport or spending the whole afternoon with your children. At the same time, having friendly, supportive colleagues is important for me. Obviously, if I work as a teacher, I will need to have good workmates. Thus I could share my knowledge and materials with them.
However, without a doubt, there are disadvantages of being a teacher. I mean, the fact that a teacher has great responsibilities and has to seem happy and nice everyday even though they might feel stressed. Most teachers feel that work with children is not always easy. Although, when the children smile you forget your problems.
To sum up, my feeling is that teaching is beautiful because everyday I do something rewarding. I wholeheartedly believe that the best teacher is that one who considers that before being a good student, they have to be a good human being.

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