Saturday, October 19, 2013

The job of my dreams (by Alberto, NA 2)

If I could choose the job of my dreams, I would probably be a researcher. I have always been interested in lab work, that is to say, carrying out experiments to support (or maybe change) an initial hypotheses. But, what qualities and skills are required for this type of job?

I think this profession needs perseverance and hard work to become highly knowledgeable about any subject. The field on which the research is based has to motivate you, otherwise the dedication will not be the same. It is also important to work in teams or groups, because it is basic to take into account, analyse and discuss different ideas from your colleagues, as you provide your own. As this job implies managing a lot of information, being organised and pragmatic is essential to success. Finally, thinking outside the box may be a desirable skill for researchers since the answer to many problems is not always trivial or easy to find out.

To sum up, researching is a job that requires a combination of dedication, pragmatism, social skills and a great knowledge of the field in which the study is focused on.

(Alberto is a scientist who just read his PhD dissertation at the ULPGC, so we wish him many happy years of research in his chosen field). 

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