Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you agree?

Here are some useful expressions for debating with classmates in the speaking tests. 

Could you guess the film? by Maria NI 1

This movie is a love story about a married couple who argue a lot about little things of everyday life. He becomes very ill and dies, but before he dies, he prepares some letters for her. These letters are recommendations to help her overcome her husband's loss. Can you guess what film I have described?  
(Maria NI 1)

(PS I love you)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Can you guess the movie? (Ruth NI 1)

       First of all, I would like to explain this has been my favorite film since I was a child. I watched it many times in my whole life.
         The film starts in an abbey overlooking the mountains. There is a young nun called Maria. She loves singing. But, she must go to a mansion to take care of seven children. They are a captain´s sons and daughters.
         At the beginning, Maria doesn´t like the house and the captain, but she really loves the children. She teaches singing to them and they think Maria is wonderful.
         However, Maria must go back to the abbey because she is falling in love with the captain and she wants to be a nun.
         Do you know what the film is? I will give you a clue: “DO a deer, a female deer…”.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Carmen Laura NI1

Once upon a time, a very strong, happy dog walked with her owner in the field and as she ran down the slope, she saw a wolf.
The wolf was thin and hungry and complained of his luck. The dog heard its cry and said: “Wolf friend, come with me, do not be silly, I have a lot of food while you risk your life and steal.”
The wolf asked the dog: “What will I have to do, old dog, if I decide to go with you?”
The dog answered: “You’ll have to obey the owner’s authority and will.”

 The wolf said:  I do not accept, I prefer my freedom.”