Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Advanced Writing Assignment: A job you would hate to do

We have a new student in our class, Jose Carlos, a young engineer, who lived for a couple of years in Bournemouth, England. He went to the UK to work but also to improve his English and seems to have been successful in his quest. Here, he writes an essay about a job he would not like to do in life. Please note that Jose Carlos has organized his writing carefully, with a clear introduction and conclusion. 

I can think of many jobs that I would not like to do for a living, fisherman, dentist, security guard or hair-dresser to name just a few, but on this occasion I would like to talk about a job that, interestingly enough, I was supposed to do when I was child. I do not know whether this happens anywhere else, but in the Canary Islands, where I come from, it is commonly thought that when somebody is a good student, they should become doctors.
After being told many times by teachers, relatives and friends that this is what I had to do, I started to believe that this was my duty in life. There seemed to be nothing  else I could do or be good at. I was just a child and because I had assumed that this is what I had to do for the rest of my life, I never thought what I might really like to do. I had no idea.
As time went by, I realized I could not be a doctor. I do not like seeing blood (who does?) and I have always felt a strong sympathy for others. Could I be happy feeling sorry for my patients all the time? I do not think so. This is profession requires skills that you need to have been born with and I did not possess them.
I recognize the many positive aspects this job offers and there is no doubt that it must be rewarding. Feeling you are helping people and seeing how you can contribute to make them feel happier must be gratifying, but despite that, it must surely be very hard going home after seeing people suffer and then trying to carry on with your life regardless.
In conclusion, even though there are lots of advantages to being a doctor, I think I have done well by becoming a chemical engineer because although it does not contribute to our society as much as doctors do, I can go home without the feeling that the lives of many people are in my hands, which I believe is priceless.
José Carlos NA2


David Shea said...

Actually this is not a job I would hate essay but Jose Carlos reflects eloquently on the down side of the health care profession.

Rechal Marshal said...

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