Thursday, March 26, 2015


We sang a fetching song that laments the sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage a century or so ago. Here it is (just click): 
  Titanic Song 

"It was sad when that great ship when down!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Parcel (Creative Writing)

The Parcel

(Pedro Blas Ávila NI1 )

It was the evening of Valentine’s Day and Paul was at home drinking a beer, eating popcorn and watch a black and white film. He hadn’t any plans. Suddenly the doorbell rang. When he opened the door there wasn’t anybody there, only a small parcel with a big red ribbon and a note that read, “I’ll be back in 15 minutes.”

Paul couldn’t believe it, someone sent him a present and he had a date! Who could be the mysterious woman? Perhaps Daphne the kind cashier? Maybe Jane the friendly neighbor? Paul looked at his watch; in 13 minutes the mysterious girl would return.

Paul ran to the his bedroom, took off his old-fashioned shirt, worn-out trousers, kicked off his house slippers. He put on his new suit. Then he rushed to the bathroom, combed his hair and brushed his teeth … three minutes to go!

Paul rushed to the living room which he tidied in a jiff, then turned his attention to the beautiful parcel. He undid the bow, pulling at the ribbon in great haste and anticipation, tore at the paper and … the doorbell rang!

When Paul opened the door, he found a big bearded guy with a scruffy look to his clothes.

“Hello!” said the man in a gruff voice. “I think I am wrong, is this Jane’s house?”

“No,” Paul replied. “She lives two doors down. “

“Oh, how embarrassing,” the man grumbled. “Er, I think that parcel is mine.”

“Of course, here you are,” Paul said.

When he closed the door, Paul returned to his beer and thought, “The worst part is I don’t know what was in the parcel.”

Creative Writing


By Ana Delia Miranda NI1

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a very round, funny musical note. She had a very nice bow in her stem. The musical note lived very happily in the musical world. But one day something strange appeared in her musical head.

“What is my sound? Am I a RE? Maybe am I a DO? What is my sound? I have never heard myself. What musical note am I?”

Then she saw that other notes were very happy. They never which sounds they were. So she decided to go to Pentagram’s house, because he was an expert on musical notes.

Pentagram’s house was near the forest. It was a very big house. Many notes lived in it. In the garden, there were some trees and beside an old tree, there was a slide. The notes played up and down, so they practiced the musical scale. Around the garden, there were many red and white flowers where the bees would dance inside.

Then our friend arrived at Mr Pentagram’s house. He saw her and said; “Hmm, what’s the matter, little note?” So the musical note explained her dilemma.

“You don’t know what your sound is! Don’t worry... but you have a difficult job,” Mr Pentagram replied. “Maybe this task will take a life time to solve. You will need some training. It’s very important to know what your sound is to be really happy.”

“Let’s go to Miss Treble Clef’s house. I am sure she can help you because Treble Clef gives the notes their names.”

The following day, our friend went to Miss Treble Clef’s house. It was a very old tree. The note told her what her problem was. “Don’t worry,” Miss Treble Clef said. “You can stay in my home for a week, okay? I am sure you will find your sound here.”

In the morning, when musical notes were playing on the Pentagram and Treble Clef was organizing them to sing a melody, one little musical note slipped down and down by Mr Pentagram’s lines. Suddenly, the note without sound ran to help her but in her try, she slipped, too.

Plaf! DO! Oh the note sounded like a DO note. Wonderful. Now our friend had discovered her sound. She was happy.

So musical note understood that only helping others we can find our real sound.

“Bye, bye!” the musical note said. “We will keep in touch.” Then they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Everybody has a lot of qualities and only when you give them to others, you find your “sound.”

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Answer Key for NI 1 CD 2

To the NI1 students (all three groups),

Here are the answers for CD 2. I am sorry for the delay but my PC has been in the shop for repairs.

 NI1  CD2: KEY                                                                                                                      

1)      1B, 2C, 3A, 4C, 5B, 6A, 7A, 8B

2)      A) scenes  b) crocodile  c) different  d) family   e) Qualifications  f) Short courses   g) fall             h) professional diver

3)   Speaker 1: a   Speaker 2: b  Speaker 3: b  Speaker 4: c
4)    1A, 2B, 3C, 4A
5)    1A, 2A, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6C, 7C, 8B
6)    a) newspapers  b) school play  c) vet  d) moved to London  e) drama school  f) flat
        g) producers  h) script
7)    Speaker 1: chillies, curry, spicy  Speaker 2: potatoes, chips, fried   Speaker 3: rice,           
        vegetables, chop sticks.
8)    Speaker 1: D  Speaker 2: C  Speaker 3: A  Speaker 4: B                                                                                                                                          
9)    a) True  b) True  c) False  d) True  e) False  f) False  g) True
10)  a)  Chris Turner  042317364  sell
        b)  Helen Foot  078322331  buy
        c)  Karen Singleton  6723909099  buy
        d)  Nicholas Dart  5472104783  sell
        e)  Jenny Page  1324659780  sell
       Message a: Excellent / Yes
       Message b:  She can’t afford it
       Message c:  How old it is / Her dad
       Message d: Mobile / He’s grown out of it / 2 1/2 years / Free delivery
       Message e: Yesterday/" /£40

11)   1B, 2C,  3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7C
12)   Speaker 1: mobile  Speaker 2: laptop  Speaker 3: video camera  Speaker 4: MP3 player
         Speaker 5: digital camera
13)   a) True  b) False  c) False  d) False  e) True  f) True  g)  False  h)  True
14)    1C, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5A, 6B, 7A
15)    a) False  b) False  c) True  d)  False  e)  True
16)    Speaker 1: C  Speaker 2: A, Speaker 3: D, Speaker 4: B
17)    1A, 2B, 3C, 4B, 5D
18)    Speaker 1: B  Speaker 2: D, Speaker 3: E,  Speaker 4: C, Speaker 5: A

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NA1 March 2015 CD2 Answer key for tracks 6 - 16

Dear NA1 students,
Here are the answers for the last ten tracks of CD 2.
Sorry for the delay, my PC has been in the shop for repairs.
Thanks for your patience and best regards,


1old  2 60,000  3 50,000  4 writing  5 exposed  6 cultural  7 imaginative  8 optimistic 
9 dying out  10 a second
1D   2E  3F  4C  5B
1A  2C  3A  4A  5B  6C  7A
1 A2 B   3 C  4 B  5 A  6 C  7 B  8 A
1 senior  2 south  3 science  4 library  5 second floor  6 hall  7 press  8 the mayor 
9 seven  10 art centre
1B  2E  3D  4A  5C
1C  2A  3B  4A  5B  6B  7C
1B  2B  3A  4C  5C  6C  7A  8B
1 18 years  2 afford  3 soccer player  4 made redundant  5 encouragement  6 (lots of) money  7 financial help  8 success  9  reasonable  10 blue
1E  2C  3A  4F  5B
1N  2Y  3N  4Y  5Y  6Y  7N

Monday, January 12, 2015

NA1 CD2 first five tracks

To NA1 students, 
Here are the answers to the first five tracks of CD 2:

NA1 CD2  Key
1B   2A   3A   4C   5B   6B   7C   8C
1 two years  2 five years  3 advertising agency  4 active                   5 education  6 close links 
7  shopping malls  8 exhausting  9 the future  10 June
1A  2E  3F  4B  5C
1T  2F  3F  4T  5F  6F  7T
1 A  2 C  3 C  4 B  5 A  6 B  7 B  8 A

I hope this work help you improve your listening skills.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky Narrative!!

Under My Bed by Gabriel NA 1
                Sometimes I've been asked, what are you afraid of? Spiders? Ghosts? Spooky skeletons? "Bah! Humbug!" I say "There is NOTHING that could possibly scare me!" But every time I say that I feel really uncomfortable and try to talk about other things. No one could possibly imagine what happens under my bed, no one would believe what happens down there!
                Since a few years ago, every 30th October I hear strange noises and if something falls under there it disappears. One 30th October, an important document  fell under my bed. "Oh, no!" I yelled "I need that paper, I have to get it back from d... down there..." For a moment I thought not to do it, but I had no choice. I took a long breath and ducked to fetch it . It was completely in shreds with claw marks everywhere , "I'm done being a coward" I stammered "I'm going to see what's wrong here!"
Once again I took another long breath but this time my body didn't respond, I couldn't move! After a few minutes frozen I realized that there couldn't be anything supernatural. I ducked with a torch and pointed to something that was moving, that thing tried to jump at me but I suddenly jumped.
                "It was the neighbors' cat all along! But how could it be?  And why did it come the same day year after year!?" In anger, I went to talk with them as soon as possible, I knocked on their door and I told them what happened. They said their cat died 5 years ago and that was impossible.
                The next day I decided to clean my room, especially under my bed. There were a lot of dust and some spiders, but more interesting than that... a box! On one side of the box it was written -Here lies Mr. Whiskers, a nice and lovely cat that unfortunately couldn't resist curiosity- inside the box there were the bones of the poor cat and a note which said "not even death will stop a cat from being a cat."
It was 5 years ago, one dark night, on the same date, the 30th of October, I was driving home when I hit something on the road, it was raining a lot so I thought it was a rock or something. But it was their cat and every year the day of his death he came back to life to scare me and ruin my night. The only thing I cannot answer is...  why under my bed!?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If I could be somebody else for a day I would like to be Jane Goodall… (Silvia NA 1)

Jane Goodall is one of the world's most important environmental activists and a noted humanitarian, primatologist and UN messenger of peace.

Her fascination with animal behaviour began in early childhood, she spent her spare time watching birds and animals and making notes and sketches - something I also did on our roof terrace when I was 10. She dreamed of travelling to Africa and at the age of 26, Jane ventured to Tanzania from London with nothing more than a notebook and binoculars. Thus she set off to study the world of wild chimpanzees with the patience and optimism that would characterize her.

Many of her studies of chimpanzee behaviour have been successful despite the fact that she had no formal scientific education and lacked even any degree – she saw chimpanzees making a tool of tree bark to dig out termites. This was an important discovery because at the time, it was assumed only humans made tools. 

She has been concerned about environmental damage and, for this reason, campaigned for many causes. These problems are so serious that she has travelled all over the world encouraging people to do what they can to create a better world.
She is a fascinating woman, the type of person I have always admired: brave, good-tempered and involved in all types of worthy causes.


One day I read an article that impressed me a lot. A journalist was asked to participate in an experiment where he would not use his cell phone for one whole day. That experience taught him a sad lesson about our mobile addiction. I fancy living one day without a cell phone and not die trying. So, I thought that if I could invent a holiday, I would proclaim a “cell phone-less holiday.”
It may seem weird, but on this day millions of people might feel truly liberated, refreshed and rested – and what is the main objective of every holiday? Exactly, to take a break and to rest after our stressful rhythm of life! I know that many of us, like myself, who are old enough to remember how life was before mobile phones, will be pretty excited to become time travellers to the 1990s. It would be strange to start noticing people on the streets, instead of sending Whatsapps, checking e-mails or just surfing the Internet. I can hardly remember those days, when I needed a camera to take a photo, “used” my own memory to remember someone´s home number and had to make a call at a pay phone. Actually, I have not seen a proper functioning pay phone for centuries!
Our younger generation does not know what an Internet café is. It sounds like a café offering free WiFi! But I am old enough to remember how many e-mails I sent by this method, when we did not have laptops and cell phones. By the way, those places were not cheap at all! The cheaper and more advanced the technology is, the more attached to our gadgets we are. We feel connected to friends, business and news from all over the world and it would give us a false sense of security, but when the battery is low or we are out of range, we get lost and start to feel lonely even in the most crowded city of the planet.
The “cell phone-less holiday” could make us take aware of the anxiety than the lack of this piece of plastic during only one day can cause in our minds. I wish we were able to realize and admit that our phone addiction could be out of control soon, for example, all of us saw some couples spending a romantic evening and staring at the displays of their smartphones without talking to each other. It is true, I do not exaggerate.
In my  “cell phoneless holiday” reverie, such behavior will be forbidden by law in order to force us to recover something that, unfortunately, disappeared – the ability to look around, get surprised, say hello and smile at each other.