Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seeing with my Ears by Tom Hunter

 Seeing With My Ears
Lyrics & Music © by Tom Hunter

I was sitting in my kitchen talking to a friend
When my friend said she knew there was coffee in the tin
I knew she couldn’t see it, wondered how could she tell
She must’ve seen it there by the way it smelled!
Seeing with my ears and seeing with my nose
Seeing with my fingers and seeing with my toes
There’s magic in the morning and a big surprise
All the things that I can see without my eyes

2) Yesterday at school our teacher said we could begin
So she opened up the door and brought an animal in
We had to tell her what it was when the room was dark
I knew it was a dog because cats can’t bark
3) Last night in my bed while I was fast asleep
I saw some people in a field
They were playing with some sheep
I was sleeping it was dark so do you know what?
There’s lots of ways to see when my eyes are shut!

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