Monday, September 3, 2012

New French Colleague, Juan

My new French colleague at the EOI in Puerto del Rosario is Juan del Baño. He is a very gifted blogger and with his guidance, I am sure my humble blog will improve too! Here is a link to his blog below.

Mi nuevo colega de francés en la EOI de Puerto del Rosario Juan es un crack con la informática y tiene un blog que tumba de espalda. Seguro que vamos a hacer buenas migas. Click on migas


20,000 Years Late! David Shea in Fuerteventura

Well, after 20 years on the island of Gran Canaria, I have now moved to the neighboring isle of Fuerteventura. My new place of work is the EOI Puerto de Rosario and although it is always difficult to change, I am excited about this new challenge. Best wishes to all my friends back in Gran Canaria and especially Santa Brigida and la Vega de San Mateo and environs.
As few trees and extensive desert might indicate, Fuerteventura is the oldest Canary island with a geological history of about 20,000 years. I got here a little late!