Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Job I Would Hate to Do (by Alicia NA 2)

 Have you ever had a short-term temping job at Christmas? If the answer is yes, I am sure you do not want to repeat it ever again. 

When I was twenty I decided to apply for a job in a Mall. It required a person with good appearance and ready to spend eight hours wrapping Christmas gifts. In spite of the low salary, I thought it was a good opportunity to earn pocket money. 

I got the job and I had a half an hour training course about how to wrap things with little paper. It seemed simple. However, when I started to wrap things with strange shapes, like a knife or a pan, I began to worry. My first week at work was horrible. I used to have an endless queue of moody people waiting for me to wrap their gifts. It also involved dealing some very difficult clients. One thing that drove me mad, was when I had to wrap a pair of socks or a watch and the battery in separate packs. Why did people request that?. “The quantity is important because my children boast  (= presumir) to their friends about how many gifts they have received,” the people would tell me. It was a bad experience. 

The job was monotonous and the shift was ten hours. Furthermore, there weren´t enough staff to take a rest. So I hope I never do it again. The only positive side to the job was I got paid. 

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