Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cluck Old Hen

I love Cluck Old Hen and I force it on my students. 

It is one of the simplest, yet infectious songs I know. There are lots of versions but I originally learned it from the Seeger family, Pete and Mike both have recordings of this song. Here is what I taught our NB classes, to their great chagrin!

Cluck old hen, cluck and sing 
Aint laid an egg since late last spring 
Cluck old hen, cluck and squall
Ain laid an egg since late last fall. 

My old hen's she's a good ol hen
She lays eggs for family and friend
Sometimes one, sometimes two 
Sometimes enough for me and you!

The old hen she cackled
She cackled in the lot 
Next time she cackled 
She cackled in the pot 


Cluck Old Hen  is one version by the wonderful Aubrey Atwater.

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