Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Holidays in London (Hugo NI 1)

Let me tell you about my recent holiday adventure. I decided to go to London because of my interest in its culture and attractions so I booked my flight in November.
When I arrived in London’s nearby Luton airport, the sun was shining and the landscape was marvelous. I was very excited and because all the people spoke in English I started to speak in English, too. I showed my passport to the customs agent and I explained to him about my plans in London:  it was a holiday trip.
One important thing to do was to get a tube map because I had to deal with places I have never been.  I checked into the tube station for it. I knew I should put up with unknown information about places and attractions but I looked forward to it.
 The first thing I did was  to take a bus to my hotel. A few weeks before, I had found on the Internet a travel card call London Pass that cost me about 42 pounds for seven days. It was necessary to have it if I was going to travel by bus or underground.
I checked in a Hotel near Victoria Station. It was only two minutes’ walk from Marble Arch tube station. Marble Arch is placed in Hyde Park´s corner. Hyde Park is an incredible big park, I needed one day to get around the park because there were a lot of routes to different places inside de park, I took in (visited) the Princes Diana Memorial Fountain, The serpentine lagoon, in this place I fed ducks and swans, and I finished my tour in Albert Memorial´s monument in front of the science museum, which has an Indian sculpture. Then, as you might guess, it started to rain, so I entered the museum. That was for free like every museum in London. Inside  I found different things about space, the early air craft and a lot of physical experiments. You could play with them like games.
I had a quick lunch.  I love fast food and ate a hamburger in Mc Donald´s. When I finished my lunch I walked through Oxford Street where you can find all kinds of shops. It is the major shopping street in central London, but it is not the most expensive or fashionable. I bought presents for my family. After a couple of hours wandering around in a huge store, I took the tube back to the hotel. I was exhausted and my legs were tired so I fell asleep quickly.
The following morning I woke up, I ate my English breakfast, and then I went to the tube station again. I visited Westminster Abbey, which is a nine-hundred-year-old Gothic church. Its proper name is The Collegiate Church of St. Peter, but it’s more often called Westminster Abbey. It is located in the heart of London, next to Parliament Square, opposite the House of Parliament. I walked around a few minutes and found  Big Ben. This is a  London icon near The Thames. I crossed the bridge and I went to the London Eye attraction. I didn`t take a ride because it was very expensive, I thought I would do that on my next visit to London.  Then I decided to walk near the riverbank. There were a lot of stands for Christmas. After walking for a while, I reached Trafalgar Square,  a very big historical spot,  located in central London. In the middle of the square there is a big column, called Nelson’s Column, surrounded by different kinds of fountains and four big bronze lions. It took me 5 seconds to leap onto one of the lions. I was very excited.
Close to Trafalgar Square I found Saint Paul Cathedral which is a fabulous big temple. In that place Princess Diana got married to Prince Charles.
From there, I took a bus to The Tower Bridge. The view from the bridge was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. I could almost see the whole city of London. And then I took a boat that sailed along the Thames. During the ride we passed by a lot of old famous historical places like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Greenwich meridian and we had a different view of The London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. Finally we passed by London Bridge and saw the Tower of London again.
That night I went clubbing, there were a lot of Bars with happy hour for drinks. I made some friends there and I am still sending messages to them.
Another night I went to the Theater and saw a musical called “The Lion King.” That was amazing, fantastic, gorgeous and a huge work. I was lucky because I could get tickets in second row. We also saw Priscilla, Queen of The Desert, about a group of transvestites travelling through the Australia´s desert singing the songs of ABBA.
The last day I woke up early to see the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace, another amazing attraction. You could see a soldiers marching to the palace with their arms and with musical instruments.  They were dressed in typical customs. The whole event took 30 minutes. It is very difficult to see the changing of guards because it only takes place twice in a week. Always there are a lot of people surrounding Buckingham Palace.
The day came to say good bye to London. Early in the morning I checked out of the Hotel and I got back to Fuerteventura.
I brought a lot of presents back from London.  That was a spectacular trip and I plan to go back again to see more of that fabulous city.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NA 1 Crime Unit

Crime-related Vocabulary

Robbery (robo)

Theft (atraje)
thief, (thieves)

Burglary (asalto)

Mugging (atraco)

Shoplifting (hurto)

Pickpocket (carterista)

Smuggling (contrabando)

Kidnapping (secuestro)


(ADJ) fraudulent
Bribery, bribe (soborno)


Murder (asesinato)

Arson  (incendio provocado)
Commit arson


Looting (saqueo)


Swindle (estafa)

This table was created with the help of my students of NA 1 at the EOI Puerto del Rosario, on the island of Fuerteventura. I acknowledge their contribution to this blog.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jingle Bells in 2013

I am sorry to say I showed my classes a fanciful, tarted up sleigh ride photo when we were analyzing the Jingle Bells lyrics in December. This photo taken near Gill, Massachusetts the other day (January 2013) is much more authentic. But I cannot locate any bells on those ol bobtails. Sorry! Perhaps we can keep the jingle in our hearts. Thanks to my niece, Cara, for sharing this image from her alma mater, Mount Hermon Academy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bless Your Sweet Mistakes

"There is no freedom of speech when people are terrified to be wrong. Being wrong is just part of being human." - Garrison Keillor (from his essay on "Stewardship.")

Monday, January 7, 2013


(Tania from NI1 wrote this essay about vegetarianism which we have been talking about in class.)
Nowadays many people are interested in taking care of their health, but there is another group of people who not only cares for their health but also for the animals and our environment. They call themselves vegetarians and vegans. 

How many people keep a vegetarian diet?  India has the largest vegetarian population with 40% of which 68% there are women compared to 32% of men; UK 7% of It is population, Germany 9%, and 0,5% (200,000 people) in Spain.

So what does being a vegan mean? Being vegan is a lifestyle that is against all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals and preventing damage. What is important in the vegan diet is the abstention of meat and food made with meat and meat products.

By avoiding meat consumption, our life expectancy is higher, eliminating dietary cholesterol is found in animal products also problems of the heart, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases.

Obviously a person who wants to be a vegetarian must be prepared as this would be a shock to your body. Besides having willpower allows you to continue with that determination.

Finally we can say that this lifestyle promotes good health with less chance of getting sick and feel better about yourself.