Monday, October 21, 2013

NB Nayra describes her classmate

Hello David, this is a description of my classmate. I hope you like it!

                Her name is Iluminada and her surname is Suarez. She’s from Spain and lives in the Canary Islands, in the remote, mountain town of Tejeda.  Her telephone number is 667830 and home number is 9286664.

                She has got two sisters and one brother. She also has a dog. In terms of sport, she practices padel, which is like tennis and squash. Her favorite number is eight and her favorite color is blue. She loves eating spaghetti. Her favorite film is The King’s Speech (which in Spanish is El discurso del Rey) and her favorite book is El tiempo entre costuras (which is now a movie, too) and her favorite car is Nissan Qasqai. She likes the actress Jessica Alba and her favorite singer is Luis Fonsi.

                If I had to choose a word to describe her I would say she is a funny girl.

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