Saturday, October 19, 2013

The job of my dreams, by Vanesa (Advanced 2)

         Fortunately, there are many jobs, some more interesting than others, although there is enough of them so that, generally, we can choose the job of our dreams. If I could choose, I would choose to be a travel writer.
I love travelling, so being a travel writer is the perfect excuse to do it: I would travel and someone would pay me for that. This work would allow me to travel around the world; it would be a wonderful way to see the world and to know different cultures, places and people.

In order to develop my work better, I would learn other languages, such as French, Chinese or Portuguese, owing to the large number of countries where these languages are spoken. Moreover, this kind of work is very challenging: requires a lot of skills and you have to work long hours. However, the reward is very high.

Furthermore, there are certain skills you need to be a writer travel, for example you need to be ready to pack the suitcases all the time. In spite of this downside, I consider that I am good making suitcases. Also, you need to be a sociable and curious person, because of the interesting people and places you will find. And finally, you will need to have prepared your pencil to write down all your impressions in an enthusiastic way so as to attract readers to your books.

To sum up, if you enjoy writing, travelling and you don't mind living in hotels, being a travel writer could be the job of your dreams.

(Editor's note: It should be mentioned here that Vanesa is a trained journalist. So she has a gift for writing which she has developed with many years of hard work and attention to detail. Thank you, Vanesa!)

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