Friday, September 25, 2015

Library Volunteers, Please!

To my NI1 students on Tuesdays and Thursdays,

Our EOI is looking for volunteers to work in the school library from 6:45 to 7:00 on Tuesday or Thursday evenings.
Thank you and best wishes

Monday, September 21, 2015

NI and NA photo essay competition

Here are the rules for the photo essay competition.

What does summer mean to you? 

Proposed structure:
Paragraph One (Introduction): define what summer means to you.
Paragraph Two: how you usually spend your summer and who you spend it with.
Paragraph Three: what you did this summer.
Paragraph Four: the negative aspects of summer.
Paragraph Five: Conclusion

Proposed word length:
NI1 NI2150 words maximum.
NA1 & NA2 200 words maximum.
Proposed deadline for the texts to be corrected and posted (anonymously) on our noticeboards:
Thursday 15th October 2015.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NA 2 lexical items for Unit One (15/9/15)

NA2 students, 
Word class abbreviations
The following abbreviations are used in the word list: (n) = noun, (v) = verb, (adv) = adverb, (adj) = adjective and (phr v) = phrasal verb.

Unit 1 lessons for life

Page 9
ashamed (adj)
come to blows (v)
detail (n)
frustrated (adj)
informal (adj)
react (v)
stead (n)
valuable (adj)

Pages 10–11
dizzying (adj)
harmony (n)
heed (v)
ideological (adj)
misinterpret (v)
motive (n)
reconciliation (n)
respect (n)
selfish (adj)
stability (n)
strive (v)
unite (v)

Pages 12–13
astronomy (n)
campaigner (n)
carpentry (n)
criterion (n)
doer (n)
dreamer (n)
drifter (n)
factor (n)
joker (n)
outlook (n)
self-centred (adj)
settle down (phr v)
technical (adj)
value (n)
vulnerable (adj)
worrier (n)

Pages 14–15
albeit (conj)
coin (n)
dramatist (n)
foregone conclusion (n)
insight (n)
jealousy (n)
light-hearted (adj)
relevance (n)
sanctimonious (adj)
scholar (n)
stray (v)
succinctly (adv)

Pages 16–17
approach (n)

firm (adj)

Page 19
advisor (n)
ancestor (n)
converse (v)
disproportionate (adj)
elders (n)
healthcare (n)
implement (v)
infant mortality (n)
orally (adv)
pass down (phr v)
pass on (phr v)
self-esteem (n)
verbal (adj)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome Back!

To all my students and former students

I would like to welcome you to my EOI Santa Brigida blog space for academic year 2015 /16. 

On this page visitors will find documents which may be of interest to the NI1 and NA2 students. You may find examples of your own work or news concerning upcoming assignments. 

I also post certain information about the progress of our classes. If a class is ever cancelled, you will find that information here, as soon as possible. 

I also publish items for our class. 

So, welcome to EOI Sta B and good luck for this new term! 

Best wishes 

David Shea

My teaching responsibilities: 


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