Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here is an interesting (fictitious) job offer from Yurena who is from the Port of Mogan in the south of the island. Maybe you are interested!

Our company seeks a....FISHERMAN or FISHERWOMAN. The successful candidate may be either male or female as gender is not an issue! We are looking for someone between 18 and 55 years of age. No previous experience in the fishing trade is necessary. The candidate must not take drugs, be fit and also a good swimmer. He or she needs to obey the fishing laws and recognize marine fauna.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lorena's Life as a Fly!

My life as a Fly (by Lorena in NI1B)

Hi! I’m a funny fly and I love living in the kitchen because here I can steal lots of food! Also I can hear all the family conversations and watch TV while they are cooking.
Today was a very strange day. The family (“my” family) is travelling to the Caribbean and I had nothing to eat! So, I decided to fly off and find some food, but… where?
While I was thinking, I heard a dog bark. It was Glamour, that stupid dog. Really we never have gotten along, because dogs think they are the humans' best friend. In my opinion, flies are a truly great animal. We don’t eat much, we make little noise and we are very independent. I watched Glamour and sniffed the air. I recognized her food, near the garden door. I smiled and waited a few minutes for the dog was vague, then I flew very quickly and reached my food.
“Great! Meat!” I thought landing on it.
Suddenly I felt a terrible sense. On my back was Glamour, growling, surely furious because I was stealing her food. I was frightened, so I escaped as fast as my wings could fly!
“AH!” I landed on a plate after crashing into something. I opened my eyes and…
“Ohhhh! CHEESE!” Yeah, I had crashed into an amazing cheese on the kitchen table. This was better than the stupid dog food!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Can you imagine what it would like to be a fly on your kitchen ceiling? Carmen, our wonderful student from Teror, used a lot of imagination for this tale!

I often have strange dreams but this time I dreamed that I was a fly looking for something to eat. I was lost because the other flies had fled from the spiders that were in the house.
After flying by around the house for an hour, I managed to reach the kitchen and I thought that perhaps I would find something to eat and luckily I found some leftover food on the table. For a fly this was a feast. While I was eating so placidly an enormous hand appeared which seemed to have very bad intentions, I began to fly around the kitchen, trying to escape from those hands that would not stop following me.
I was so exhausted that I landed on the kitchen ceiling to recover my breath. But I wasn´t doing anything bad, I only was eating leftover food that was on the table, I did not touch any fruit nor bread.
Nevertheless the hands continued to rush towards me and now one of them had an object that produced airflows, I was so scared that I couldn’t fly. Luckily, one of the flies of the group returned and she distracted those hands that wanted to end my life and I could escape through the kitchen window. Uf! By the skin of my teeth, - my companion said and we returned to the rest of the group.
I woke up from the dream and I reflected on the fact that although flies are very annoying, they are also living beings.