Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Memories of Childhood

Here are two texts that we considered the other evening in a language game. The boldface expressions may prove useful to you in future writings. 

Text 1
One of my earliest memories is sitting on a beach in Malaysia with my parents. I was probably about four or five at the time. I vividly remember watching the fishing boats heading out to sea, and the smell of fish being barbecued nearby. I grew up in a town on the east coast of the Malay peninsula. Kota Bahru, it was called. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and it was there that I developed a taste for the wonderfully spicy Malay food.
Anyway, the other day I went to a Malaysian restaurant and had a bowl of mee goring, spicy fried noodles. I have to say it really made me feel nostalgic for my childhood. I took one mouthful of the noodles and the memories came flooding back. Now, looking back, I think I can safely say those were the happiest days of my life.

Text 2
When I see a child kicking a ball around, it evokes strong memories of my childhood, and in particular of meeting Thomas for the first time. He’s my best friend, you see, and we go back a long way. Well, right back to my early childhood, in fact, when I was growing up in a small village called Berwick Salome. We met at primary school. Which one? My mind’s gone blank and I can’t remember what it was called, but I am sure it will come back to me. I vaguely remember it had the word briar in the name. Briarwood? Briarley? Something like that. Well, I first met Thomas on my first day at school. He was on his own, in the playground kicking a football against the wall, so I just went up to him and we started talking.
Anyway, the other day I went back to Berwick Salome to visit an elderly relative. As soon as I drove into the village, it brought it all back, that small boy all by himself in the playground, kicking a ball around. Memories are powerful things, don’t you think?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Afterwards, the Dessert and Libation!

Here is the Dessert Menu and Drinks from Miguel Angel for NB1 

Apple pie
Cheesecake with cranberries (tarta de queso y arĂ¡ndanos)
Chocolate cake
Cream with caramelized walnuts (nata con nuesce caramelizada)
Egg caramel custard
Fruit salad
Kiwi with banana and honey
Kiwi with honey and cream (kiwi con miel y crema)
Lemon pie


Red wine
Rose wine
Sidra (UK) / Hard cider (USA)
Spanish sparkling wine or sparkling white wine (Cava)
White wine

Brown beer
Draft beer
Fizzy drink
Mineral water
Soft drink
Sparkling water / Fizzy water
Still water
Tomato juice
Tonic water 

Black coffee
Coffee with milk
Decaffeinated coffee
Irish coffee
Large black coffee
Long coffee
Short coffee

Miguel Angel's Mega Menu for NB1 (Thanks, from David)


Chips, fries
Garlic bread
Spring rolls

Tropicana: lettuce, corn, cheese, ham, pineapple, endive, tomato, rose sauce
Blue cheese (Roquefort): lettuce, corn, ham, carrot, endive, tomato, rose sauce
Norwegian: salad mix, caramelized onions, smoked salmon, goat cheese, carrot, honey and mustard dressing
Mixed: lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, tuna fish, boiled eggs
Chicken: lettuce, pineapple, nuts, carrot, chicken, raisins, rose sauce
Pasta salad: cherry tomatos, carrot, corn, pasta, nuts, apple, honey dressing
Cesar: lettuce, croutons, chicken, Cesar sauce, parmeggiano cheese, boiled egg
Goat cheese salad: lettuce, goat cheese, tomato cherry, carrot, raisins, nuts, croutons, orange dressing

Fish and chips
Roast chicken and vegetables
Steak with chips and salad
Stir-fried vegetables with rice

Hatch burger: 4 types of green chiles, house cheese, spice up your life!
Port & stilton burger: blue cheese, port-caramelized onions
Cali burger: butter lettuce, slow-roasted tomato, house spread, house-made American cheese, caramelized onions
The creenbird: shelton farms turkey, crushed avocado, green cheese, butter lettuce, sprouts, green goddess
Earth burger: mushroom & edamame patty, white soy aioli, truffled ricotta, cipollini onions, lettuce, slow-roasted tomato
Bacon Cheeseburger : Applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, yellow mustard, ketchup, pickles and onion on an egg bun
Classic Smash : American cheese, Smash Sauce, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion on an egg bun

Macaroni in oven: bolognesa sauce, cheese
Spaghetti: grated tomato, chicken, mushrooms, hot chili, garlic
Spaghetti boscaiola: cream, onion, mushrooms, tomato
Spaghetti black & white: young eel, garlic, hot chili, shrimps

Margarita: tomato, mozzarella cheese
Campesina: tomato, mozzarella cheese, spinach, goat cheese 
Florentina: tomato, mozzarella cheese, salami
Bacon: tomato, mozzarella cheese, bacon, onion
Neptuna: tomato, mozzarella cheese, tuna fish
Sicilian: tomato, mozzarella cheese, anchovy, olives, capers
Samoa: cream, mozzarella cheese, ham