Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We have had a quiet Christmas holiday and now Little Christmas (January 6) looms, the most important day of observance in Spain.

My friend Luis in Santa Brigida closed his DVD rental business this week after over a decade of providing local residents with big screen dreams on their own home TVs.

Although it was sad to see the video shop close down, Luis did offer us a dozen films for our EOI Santa Brigida library. Students will be able to borrow these films which includes big hits like Star Trek (the movie) and more quirky movies such as Jim Jamusch's Broken Flowers with comic actor Bill Murray in a more or less serious role.

The Boston Globe rated Broken Flowers, "among the best films of 2005." We found it a bit slow but also compelling. The story of Murray's struggle to get his life on track and join the human race after a bout with some sort of mysterious depression was moving. The final scene leaves the audience totally up in the air. But let's not ruin it for future viewers!

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