Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which month is special for you? NB 1 students respond

January is special because the Three Kings come to visit.

January is the first month of the year.

In January, there are sales (rebajas). (Lucia M)

February is special for me because I have a birthday.

In February we normally have Carnival celebrations.

In this month it is still winter and I like winter.

The almond trees bloom in February in the mountains.This month is special because it is short. (Leticia B)

March is when the flowers bloom and people wear happy colors.

In March the birds sing in our garden and the days start to grow longer.

March is special because we both have a birthday in this month.

(Esther and Patricia)

April is special because it is when I have my birthday.

April is special for Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

April is special because the days are long and I go to the beach.

April is special because I travel to Barcelona! (Guillermo)

May is the fifth month of the year and also the month of Spring.

In May, there are lots of flowers and lovers and there are 31 days!

(JuanMa from Bilbao!)

June is special because it is the month of my birthday.

In June, we start to go to the beach and some people begin their holidays.

June is special because the days are long and we eat summer fruit!

(Almudena G)

July is the second month of summer and I can go to the beach.

In July, people in the USA celebrate their Independence Day on the fourth.

In July there is a street party in the street where my grandfather lives.

In July I sometimes go to Agaete for a holiday. (Fabio)

August is special because on the third I have my birthday.

For a lot of people this is their favourite month for holidays.

My sister also has her birthday on 10th August. (Nieves S)

September is special because students have a second opportunity to pass their exams.

In this month the beautiful season of Autumn begins.

On 18th September it is my friend's birthday.

It is cheap to travel in September so I often take my vacations.

(Maria Nieves R)

October is my favorite time to visit my favorite beach.

The weather is wonderful in October and the beach is empty.

In October my wife has to work but I can take my holidays!

There is a big celebration in my town in October.

My wedding anniversary is in October. (Angel NJ)

November is special because it is my brother's birthday.

In November it is the first day I don't work.

I am on holiday sometimes in November. (Atteneri)

December is special because it is my best friend Vanessa's birthday.

It is also special because we celebrate Christmas.

This is the last month of the year.

On the 25th many people gather with their family to have a nice meal and celebrate.

(Dunia GR)

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