Monday, January 17, 2011

Trumpets Resound as the New Year Rolls in (Venezuela)

My best New Year's Eve Party was on 26th December 1992 in Hooligans pub. I lived in Caracas, Venezuela then and worked for “VIASA”airline, my office located in a famous shopping center. We were going to have lunch that day as every Friday night some colleagues and I would go for a beer before returning home for the weekend. I went out with my friend Jairo, of “TACA” airline, Costa Rica, I never had been to a new year's party because in Venezuela this special date is just for family celebrations, or at least that is the tradition.

Any way, we ate two pizzas and drank some beer, it was early and we talked about our jobs and laughed as the waiters wore special clothes as they hung balloons. A new band sang gaita, a typical Venezuelan Christmas music . In a few minutes many people sang all the songs and toasted with champagne, they gave us confetti , at 23:30 they started to announce the countdown....30min remaining…20min remaining…5min remaining…!!!!!!! 00:00 ! Happy New Yearssss !

People started to give hugs and kiss, many cried, some happy, some sad, others just drank their beer. It was funny and beautiful, I had never had a similar experience. Till then all my New Year's were quite boring, my mother did housework and at least she finished exhausted. My father played old songs all night and my brother had going to bed early and always on the balcony we watched people walking.

Now, living in the Canary Islands, my New Year's Day is calm, I enjoy making something for dinner and decorating my home, I will never go to a party on this date again, I fear! (Carolina P NI2 )

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