Monday, November 29, 2010

I would stare at the grains of light suspended in that silence space, struggling to see into my own heart.What did I want? And what did others want from me? But I could never find the answers. Sometimes I would reach out and try to grasp the grains of light, but my fingers touched nothing.

Haruki Murakami, in the novel "Norwegian Wood"


Anonymous said...

Picasso's old guitarrist could'nt have been a better choice. The picture is extremely moving and suggestive. Mariana, unlike him, looks strikingly beatiful and a bit defiant. Both share, though.
People share, that's it.
Thank you so much for posting the comment. Have't finished reading the novel yet. Read Kafka on the Shore and decided to start from his first one.
I don't like opening ID's or gloogle accounts.

Anonymous said...

Hi David, emm It's Ivan from, yeah, Arucas. I'm just a guy who was watching TV Canaria... and I happened to see your part where they go on your life, your love for music and our music. I was very pleased with... well actually I was frankly astonished by the "Andrew, check the engine" one xDD if I didn't misshear the lyrics.

I'm just to tell you that I'm very keen on two things, languages and music; and since I know you're from the States (don't remember where about though) I was wondering what kind of musical influences do you listen to, cuz I'd like to set up a... 'dúo de guitarras' y si puede ser con una persona cuyas raíces no son de aquí pero está afincado.

I quite understand that you must be a busy bloke, and I'm not even expecting you to read this today or tomorrow, but... as soon you will, I would be very grateful to get answer, even if you're just going to say "no, im sorry... not interested" whatever.

"Échale mojo, quehtá desabrío, jíncate un clipe ay que te ñurga too"

Just made it up, know you like em xDDD

David Shea said...

Echale mojo y arranca colchón-- thanks for writing!!! David