Monday, January 24, 2011

Susana's New Year's Secret

31st December 2010: Before the old year gave way to the new Susana NI 2 shared some new year's secrets!

On last New Year’s Eve my family and I went to a party in my neighbor’s house. Whenever we throw parties at home we always remember to invite neighbors, so they don’t complain about the noise. They hosted a fabulous spread including parma jam, foie gras, smoked salmon or stuffed dumplings for about 20 guests.
I wore a beautiful red dress which I had bought it in Internet, it was too big for me. I hadn’t time to get it altered, so I decided “do it myself” putting safety pins in the back side (no taking my jacket off, of course). We danced and drank Champagne and wine and at midnight we wished us a happy new year with kisses after choking on grapes.
When I got tired I was the safest transportation home: on foot, just across the street. The most interesting point of the evening was to create an atmosphere of intimacy, where everyone could stop trying to seem impressive and instead reveal ourselves to be the flawed creatures we all are underneath.

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