Monday, January 17, 2011

Maria T, New Year's Eve in La Palma island (2009)

My new year´s eve anecdote happened two years ago. It started on 31st December 2009, when my sister, my mother and I decided to go to La Palma to spend that night where riends of my family reside. They are just like family.

We arrived in the evening and a few hours later we started to eat. We had dinner a modest but delicious dish which consists of chops with corncob, potatoes and green mojo. After dinner and the popping of the twelve grapes, my sister, my friend Ylenia and I went downtown for the street party. At 7 am, the three of us went to sleep in the car because we had drunk. The sunlight woke up us at 11 am. We were really hungry so we headed for a bar to have breakfast. After that, we decided to go to the beautiful secluded beach of “Los Cancajos” to continue the day. We arrived home at 6 pm. That was quite a memorable occasion!

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