Monday, January 17, 2011

Dunia and the Grapes of New Year's Eve!

It was about two years ago, in 2009.
First we gobbled up those twelve grapes
with our families at home and then we met
up with friends near of the Canteras beach.
We all headed up to "Montaña Alta"
in Guía on the north coast and when we
arrived there, it was so cold.
About 10º I think. A friend started to
dispense blankets for everybody. I can't
stand the cold, so I had brought a lot of
warm clothes. The night was unforgettable
and we left the house about four or five
in the morning and when we arrived
in Tafira we could see the first dawn of 2010. It was beautiful,
the perfect dawn for a perfect night. (Dunia A, NI 2)

Vocabulary: Gobble up (or gobble down) = comer de prisa o con muchas ganas

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