Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gloria (from Seville) NI 2 Appreciates Las Palmas

Gloria wrote to an imaginary friend Suzie with details about Gran Canaria, from the Canteras to Tejeda and its almond trees in bloom!

Dear Suzie
I am living at the moment in Las Palmas. It is a fantastic and amazing city. The city centre is small but it has a special charm. You can choose different ways to get around the city centre but the best is on foot because you take photographs and you can stop in the different restaurants and caf├ęs.
In this zone you can visit the cathedral and different old churches. There are important squares and parks. If you like shopping, make sure you visit the Triana shopping area.
The weather is often warm and sunny so you can swim or leisurely stroll on the “Canteras Beach”. From this beach you can see the most spectacular views of the neighboring island of Tenerife and Alfredo Kraus Auditorium. If you want go to the beach, you must go south on a touristic town. Careful this is more expensive or if you prefer mountains you really should visit Roque Nublo and the town of Tejeda.
The public transport is cheaper than taxi and there are some routes around the city. The buses are modern, clean and air-conditioned and many run up to 18 hours a day, every day. You can pay the fare using a Bono pass or cash. Taxi is more expensive but I believe that is the quickest because in Las Palmas we haven’t metro.
Whichever way or ways you choose to get around Las Palmas, you are sure to enjoy visiting this amazing city.
Best wishes

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