Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ines (NI 2) Remembers a Special New Year's Eve


I have nice memories about a New Year’s Eve celebration when we went to Madeira in a cruise with the family and friends several years ago.

We arrived at Funchal early in the morning and we went to visit the city. The streets had a splendid Christmas decoration at that time with thousands of lights. The weather was lightly cold but not cloudy, the sun was shining and it was very nice to go for a walk.

That night everybody wore their best dresses for supper. I wore my long, black, evening dress and my high-heel-shoes. Our family and friends shared a large table. When one of my best friends was slowly walking to the table she twisted her ankle and fell on a chair near her. After that, she was very worried thinking about the people who had noticed that, although we insisted in saying her…No! Don´t worry nobody saw you!

For starter we had lobster salad with raspberry sauce. The main dish could be fish or meat. We had meat, a tasted sirloin in green pepper sauce, roast potatoes and sweet onions. And for dessert a fabulous pineapple cake with cream and almonds. We drank a lot of soft drinks and a bit of wine and champagne too.

Funchal is in a great natural amphitheatre looking onto the blue Atlantic so we could see the amazing show of fireworks from the boat which is the largest display in the world. Then we were dancing all the night. At 5 a.m. they served an amazing buffet of chocolate, it was delicious and then we went to bed.

I would like to celebrate my next New Year’s Eve in the same way!

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