Tuesday, May 11, 2010

STRONG MEDICINE discussed by Nancy

(Our NI 1B class has just read the short novel Strong Medicine by Richard MacAndrew. This story has a close link to the pharmaceutical industry. The class was asked to discuss this link. Nancy from Venezuela wrote an interesting essay.)
In this book we learn about alternative ways to treat certain diseases. There have been many developments in the drugs industry. The drugs that are given to people with Parkinson´s Disease are getting better all the time.
However Western Medicine can not really do much for people who suffer with this terrible disease. The pharmaceutical industry has a number of different drugs they can give people. The drugs can help the patient, but only for a few years. After that, the drugs stop working and the patient´s condition will be the same as before.
Besides, drug companies are spending millions of dollars trying t find a way to help people with Parkinson´s Disease.
In our novel, Deborah Spencer an American doctor specializing in Chinese medicine was writing a book about a new way of helping people who have Parkinson´s Disease. In fact, she could make them better, completely better, without using drugs. This way of looking at the disease is completely new and different.
The story left me wondering what would have happened if she had survived.

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