Friday, May 28, 2010

Of Pencils and PCs (Yaiza, our resident engineer!)

(Editor's note: Yaiza, a third year student, is a prominent engineer and formidable mathematician who was asked to compare how work has changed with the advent of the computer and communication age.)

I am an engineer and I do not know how my work would have been ten years ago because I just recently graduated from university. I only know that my teachers did their projects with a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper. They calculated their installations with their own hands and they spent two or three months on an installation perhaps. Nowadays, I can use certain software on a PC and carry out an installation project in four or five hours. On the whole, if you use the computer in your work, you will finish it almost before you can think.

Another example is the way you draw out your plans. To use the PC is better than using a ruler, the former is cleaner, easier and quicker by far. So computers have improved my work but we still need to understand the basic concepts involved and work with great care. Yaiza NI 1B

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Marc said...

Well this is a really hot topic to discuss hoe work has changed with the advents of computers. You have shared your experience.