Monday, May 17, 2010

Greetings from a Canary Islander in Asturias!

(It is great to get postcards from students when they are on vacation. Here is post card I forgot to post a couple of months back. It is from Miguel Angel)

Dear David,

Greetings from wonderful Asturias, I came here for to visit my friend Raul. He has been living in Oviedo since he got his first job working in the national police force.

Oviedo is a little city, its Catholic cathedral is impressive, its historical centre is more than five centuries old. You might say it is like travelling back in time to the Middle Ages.

The food here is delicious, you can eat a wonderful beef-steak in Tierra Astur restaurant or enjoy a French bean with hard pork sausage in Casa Amparo at Fontal market.

The nightlife is the best part of Oviedo, If you like to drink cider, you have to visit Gascona street, full up with cider bars. A glass of cider is only 40 cents, it is great.

There is only one problem, in March this is a cold place, but the bad weather is less important with hearty food and even better cider .

Well that is all that I can tell you, I hope to see you soon and to tell you more.


Miguel Ángel NI1B

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