Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contrasting City and Country Life: A Great Essay!

(Jesus B, our science teacher from Marzagan, was asked to compare and contrast city life with country living. He fashioned a very nice essay!)

Both living in the city and living in the country have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today most people in industrialized countries live in the city, where they have found work, home and services, education, medicine, shops and entertainment.
But when the cities grow, more and more disadvantages become apparent. For example, noise, air pollution, stress and crime can force city dwellers to move to residential areas which mushroomed in the end of the last century. These residential zones provided a country substitute in a way. So living in the city has become a difficult thing today.
In fact, I live in a residential area on the outskirts of Las Palmas, but I would certainly prefer to live in the country. Why would I like it? Perhaps the first and most important reason is that I grew up on a farm in San Mateo. My childhood was very happy there even though we were very poor. I knew all the neighbours and met with my friends everyday to play in the fields or in the ravines. Today in the cities young people do not know the neighbors in their own building.
Another important advantage involves environmental quality. In the country, there is more fresh air, flowers and trees, animals and peace which are all very important to me. (by Jesus B NI 2B)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed a lot reading my colleagues´s compositions. I think they described their real feelings.