Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Frank Tilsley’s short story The Dream (from a Penguin collection) inspired this thoughtful essay by Esther (NI2A).

In THE DREAM, the author describes a dream in which a man is driving his family along in a car when he realizes that is on the wrong side of the vehicle, The steering wheel was on the right instead of the left. Someone he did not know was driving the car. They suffered a terrible accident when they collide head-on with a huge lorry. For any driver who is spending his holiday time crossing the country by car, this could be a very worrying dream!
In general many dreams are closely related to matters that occur in our daily lives. Sometimes we spend a long time thinking about the solution for some problem in family relationships, with a colleague at work, with someone who is important in our lives. Although we search for the solution, nothing seems to come. In our dreams, however, we could find the best way to solve these situations.
Someone told me that he could hardly remember anything he dreamt. But then there are people like me who recall almost everything they dream. My dreams are often connected with my daily reality, looking for work, searching for the best school for my son.
I am pretty certain our mind is connected with our fears, hopes and troubles in a direct way, through the world of dreams.

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