Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carla: Dreams of Snakes and Car Wrecks!

(After reading The Dream, we have had a lot of interesting essays about this topic. Carla is an engineer and a very practical person. Maybe this tempers the way she looks at her dream world. Anyway, it is a good piece of writing.)

The Dream
The meaning of dreams has been an interesting topic for me since I was a child. I remember that I wanted a book about this topic but my mother refused to get it for me. In spite of everything, I think she made the right decision. I cannot imagine what I would have made of my first dream about snakes!
It is said that if you dream about a person’s death, you are giving this person a year more of life. But I have never known anyone who wakes up happy after a dream like that! I think that we dream about situations that could happen in our life because of feelings we have. Our past and our present shape us .
I do not think that dreaming about having a car accident means that you will have one. But maybe in your internal world, you realize it is not necessary to drive so fast. My real life is definitely not connected to my dreams, unless I have dogs with two heads and monsters hidden in my garden!
Carla NI 2B

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fito said...

In my opinion, dreams are a funny way of enjoying the night, but they have nothing to do with real life.
Anyway, it's an interesting essay. Good job! :D