Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adventures in Bilingualism in Valsequillo (Delmar Lemming)

We had a great time singing in the hills above Telde. Some teachers were asking me about the bilingual rhyme about Mickey Mouse. It is the only song in my repertoire devoted to this revered rodent so I am happy to pass it along! All the best and keep singing! Now in Spanish...

Esta es la cancioncita que entonamos el otro día. Gracias por aquella cálida acogida!
-- Delmar Lemming
--( David Shea)

Mickey Mouse
Was building a house
How many nails does he need?
One, two, three, etc!**

Mickey Mouse iba a hacer una casita,
¿Cuántos clavos necesita?
Una do-la, te-la, canela,
Be-lillo Velón,
Que toquen las cuatro
Que ya casi son!

(**Learned many years ago. ** Aprendido hace muchos años!)

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