Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Greeting from Valencia, home of the Paella! YUM!

Here is an informal to a friend from Sergio. Here is my question: did he really go to Valencia or not? You decide!

Dear Frank,

I’m writing to you from Valencia! Yes, you’ve read well. After two weeks searching some places to visit at Easter, I found Valencia.
At first, I thought that it might be boring, but then, when I read about the cultural landmarks that Valencia offers, I couldn’t bear to stay in Las Palmas any longer. So, I went to the first travel agency I could find and bought a ticket.

When I arrived in Valencia, it was amazing, I could hardly believe it! It was so warm and sunny and then the friendly people and the charming buildings and points of interest like the Serranos Towers (pictured), it was great. I met a lot of locals and of course lots of beautiful girls! You cannot imagine what a wonderful atmosphere there is here.

Well, I must go to eat paella now!
Write soon,

Sergio NI 1B

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