Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cristina’s Big Decision: It Took Some Courage!

(Editor's note: When everything seemed lost, Cristina and her husband made a decision that changed their life--for the better!)

Life is sometimes very difficult but even more so when we have to make a big decision. Our choice might alter the course of our whole future life.
Actually that is what happened to me seventeen years ago. My husband and I worked in the same country. Suddenly business started to go very badly and our manager decided to close the firm. As you can imagine, we felt utterly lost. We had a five-month-old baby and our life had changed so quickly. In other words, everything seemed hopeless.
Just as suddenly, an idea came to us. My husband suggested that we start our own company. At first I looked at him in astonishment. He went on to say that we had some savings and as we knew the business, it was worth a try. The very next day we drew up the papers to launch our own packing company.
Today our firm is still going. It took a little courage but thanks to that decision, we were able to go on with our lives. Cristina NI 2B

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