Monday, October 29, 2012

Role Play Hints: At the Doctor's Surgery



You have a pain in your back and you go to the doctor’s looking for advice. Explain to him/her what happened and ask what you should do.


You are a doctor, your specialty is back pain.
Listen to your patient’s problem and try to give him/her advice.

You have three minutes to speak. 

That was our task and here is the vocabulary that our class came up with. Thank you to all the NI1 Monday group. We had some great skits and I certainly hope you enjoyed acting out your medical cases and practicing English. 

Useful expressions:
(Dr) How long have you had this pain? =¿Cuánto tiempo llevas con este dolor?
(Dr) When did your pain start? = ¿Cuándo empezó el dolor?
(Dr)  Have you suffered a fall or accident?
(Dr)  Strong pain / stabbing pain  = dolor punzante
(Dr)  Why didn’t you come before? = ¿Por qué no veniste antes?
(Dr) Anti inflammatory medication
(Dr)  I am going to prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication.
(Dr)  I am going to you write you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication.
(Dr) Can you explain (describe) to me where the pain is located? = ¿me puedes explicar dónde te duele?
(Dr) Can you tell me where it hurts? = Digame ¿dónde le duele?
(Dr) Lay down = Lie down (tumbarse)
Spine, spinal cord  = columna vertebral 
(Dr) What is your occupation?
(Dr) Does your job require much physical exertion?
(Dr) What do you do in your free time?
(P) When I was cleaning the windows in the salon, I fell off the step ladder.

Ache = headache, stomachache, backache 
(Careful: "ache" is pronounced “aik”
Medicine = drug, medication
Tiger balm = hot ointment  = pomada caliente
Check = oscultar