Monday, October 29, 2012

The night of Halloween

An old legend tells the story of two witches, Dorothy and Anne who lived in a small village en La Laguna (Valleseco). They met every year on Halloween night to share charms and scare the children.The village children would collect sweets and then join to tell horror stories. This Halloween night was different.  
The children began to arrive at the village square and sat in a circle around a lamp that only illuminated their faces. The moon hung large and gloomy, in a cloudless night sky. The air felt cold. A black cat jumped out next to them.
The children heard the twelve chimes of the church ringing in the distance…and then, Dorothy and Anne appeared in front of their faces and scared them.
Finally, they ran home and promised not to tell stories of terror on Halloween because that was the most frightening experience of their lives. (by Laura from Antigua, Fuerteventura ... and Fataga in GC!)

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