Thursday, October 11, 2012

Llovizna (Misty Rain) by Mafalda Veiga

 Misty Rain (Mafalda Veiga)

(translated by David Shea)

I wish I could be happy as a bird, 
A flower blossom in the field
Never expect more than rain or sun,  

Each morning born afresh
In light of a sunbeam 

That reveals the naked mountain peak
And down in the soft misty rain, 

Crumbled land awakening
With the freshness

The clarity of dawn.

I want to feel free as an eagle
Opening its wings and coursing the valley 

With a fleeting shadow
And feel my roots in great trees,   

Caress the clouds with bare branches 
Until they weep
Their sadness in the gentle drizzle,   
Falling land awakening
With the freshness, clarity of dawn.

I would tear down these walls of silence
That crush my  voice  
In a hollow, deadly stone shadow
And decode the people’s  feelings,
Those who cannot see that to live is better 
Than merely dreaming
Like the gentle rain, 

Settling on the land, awakening
With the freshness, clarity of dawn.

I would like to die one winter day,
Feel the rain wet my face one last time
As your mouth felt touching mine
And if only then think 

This is not my last goodbye
That this death is just like rain 

Waking the land as it falls
With the cool, clear light of dawn

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