Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This story I am going to tell you happened a hot August night in an old cemetery inFuerteventura.

That year I was a child of twelve years old. My brothers Oscar and Juan were fifteen and thirteen years old. Their friends said that you could hear strange noises in the old cemetery at night. We wanted to check it out. We believed ourselves to be very brave and we left the house with an audio recorder because we wanted to record these mysterious sounds.

We entered in the cemetery without difficulty because that place was abandoned for years. It was a hot, very dark night. I still remember the shiver which ran down my spine when I entered that ghostly place. There were many graves in the ground. It was deteriorated, very old and broken wood, all dusty with age and neglect. Suddenly, we heard a terrifying sound like steps on the wood creaking. We looked to where the spooky sound had come and something seemed to be moving. 

My brothers ran at full speed toward the gate. When I ran for the exit my feet sank into the old wood from a grave. I shouted out, while shivering with fright and I tried to free my foot. I just listened to my heartbeat pounding. When I got my foot free  I ran without looking back and I reached my brothers. We never told anyone this story and clearly that was the most frightening experience of our lives.

Stella Maris NA1 (EOI Puerto del Rosario)

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