Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanks to Mafalda Veiga!

Dear Mafalda Veiga 
Your music has helped pull me through times of personal strife. I wish we could sit together one day and trade songs with our guitars. As I reckon that may never happen, I have taken to translate your songs into English. I began with Immortais, that poignant love song. It is more challenging for me to work with your native Portuguese, but it is worth the effort! Now I have been translating the only song of yours which I found in Spanish, Llovizna, which could be rendered in English as drizzle but I prefer gentle rain. I hope these translations reach you. Best wishes and thanks for the songs and inspiration, David Shea (Fuerteventura) 

Estimada Mafalda Veiga
Tu música me ha significado mucho durante una época de tristeza. Me encantaría poder sentarme contigo un día e intercambiar acordes y tonalidades en la guitarra. Puede que ese sueño no llegue a realizarse, entonces me puse a traducir las letras de las canciones tuyas que más me han impresionado. Espero que te lleguen y que te gusten dichas traducciones. Te deseo todo lo mejor y gracias por tus canciones e inspiración. David Shea (Fuerteventura)

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Really? I never had heard about Mafalda Veiga. I'll seek it in YouTube.