Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Good Pieces of Advice

We have been giving each other advice in class lately so let's review the vocabulary.

ADVICE = the noun (the C is pronounced like an S) 
ADVISE = the verb (the S is pronounced like a Z) 

Other verb forms 


NOTE that advice is one of those substantive nouns that must always be singular. Here are some examples of its use:

  • Our grandfather provided us with lots of sage advice. (Nuestro abuelo nos proporcionaba muchos consejos sabios).
  • We gave her some useful advice but she would not heed our words. (Le dimos consejos útiles pero no nos hizo caso en lo que le habíamos dicho).
  • That was not a very good piece of advice.  (Eso no fue un buen consejo).
  • He took my advice but he was not very gracious about it. (Recibió nuestro consejo pero no parecía muy agradecido.)

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