Saturday, January 14, 2012

“A real friendship”

During a whole life, a regular person may meet hundreds of different people, but real friends are a very rare treasure.
You can have a great relationship with many people, but only those you can really trust are real best friends. I feel lucky because I have got lots of good friends, however, only a very few of them are close friends.
My friend Carlos belongs to this select group. I met him at High School, and he was my neighbour too. He came from Italy, (he’s half-Spanish and half-Italian), but at first we did not get on well! It seems we were completely the opposite. I was a responsible, good student, but he was a bit of a hooligan! Also, he belonged to a group of guys that used to annoy people like me, can you imagine? So, you could say we were natural enemies, but a year later, everything changed and believe it or not, we became inseparable! We completed each other; I used to help him with his subjects and he showed me how to enjoy every single moment of life.
Day by day, our friendship grew and we have kept in touch even in the distance. Over the last ten years, he has been studying and working abroad, but we still keep in contact, even when we only meet once a year, can you believe it?
In the end, it does not matter if we do not spend much time together, because our friendship is deep and we can trust each other. I hope we will be friends forever.
By Juan Daniel NI 2

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