Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

(A former ULPGC student of mine, Alicia came to visit our NI2 class at the EOI Sta Brigida. Many students have written a biography of Alicia based on the lovely -- unprepared -- talk she gave on the last day of class. Here is one quite original essay on Alicia's life. Many thanks to Vanesa and all the students who have taken the time to write Alicia's biography)
Alicia was born in Gran Canaria, an amazing Island in the middle of The Atlantic Ocean where the world's cultures mix each other. For that reason, this girl learnt to love the different languages very early. Well, also she had an incredible mother, Mrs. Handwerck, who can speak in Spanish, Italian, English, German and French. In fact, she is from Berlin and she married with a man from Barcelona, Mr. Lucio, Alicia’s father. So, Alicia belongs to two interesting cultures.
When Alicia was five years old, they moved to Alicante. But later, they came back to Gran Canaria, where she started to learn English language. She says: “I’m a lucky person, because I have had good teachers”. Also, she learnt German, because her mother spoke to her in this language, but she couldn’t write anything.
She finished the high school and she had no idea about her academic future. “What could I study?”, she thought. The only one thing she knew it was that she liked the languages, so she started to study Translation at the University of Las Palmas. She’ll never forget the first class, because the teacher spoke in English all the time. “Oh, my goodness, what can I do here? I didn’t understand anything”. Step by step, it wasn't longer a problem. At the University, she met David, known as the Mad Hatter, who was her teacher and showed her how to sing “You are my sunshine”.
She graduated and started to work like a translator in different jobs: in the Reina Isabel Hotel, in a technical office and in a notary's office in the south of the Island. Nowadays, she works in a hotel in Mogan like receptionist, where she is learning Swiss.
Also, she likes travelling and wouldn’t mind living in other place. In any case, she has lived in some cities in Germany: Colonia, Bremen or Munich. She is convincing her boyfriend, the White Rabbit, to live in other country. Meanwhile they take tea at 5 o'clock.
Vanesa (NI2) 


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