Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Biography of Alicia

(Here is a biography of Alicia, the former ULPGC language student who visited our class before Christmas.)

Alicia was born here in Gran Canaria, within an uncommon family, (she has a German mother and a Spanish father), so from the very beginning of her life, she has been in close contact with several languages. Her mother used to speak to her in German and in English also, (her mother is an English teacher), and of course she speaks Spanish as well as any of us.
At the age of ten, she started studying English at Sagrado Coraz√≥n, with a very well-known and respected teacher. Then she continued at Jaime Balmes, till she finished High School. Then, the important time of choosing her future came, and she decided to exploit her natural skills with foreign languages. That’s why she studied FTI Translation at the ULPGC, our local public university.
Studying English was easy for her, but she got shocked with German! She could understand and to speak it, but she had never learnt to write or to read it before! Can you imagine?
After finishing her degree, she has had many different jobs, but always related to translation or to communicating with foreign people. She has worked as a secretary in a German notary office, she has taught English to kids, etc. Nowadays, she works as a receptionist in a Mogan Hotel, and is also learning some Swedish, but she is keen on other languages too. Unbelievable!
When she has got some free time, she enjoys visiting foreign countries. She has been to Germany, (where her mother lives now), and to many other European countries.
Now, she does not really know where her destiny is, but she will keep on trying to be happy and positive with her bright eyes and sweet smile.

By Juan Daniel

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