Monday, October 3, 2011

First Tests This Week! October 2, 2011

On Thursday of this week, NI2B, the fourth year group will have a test on Unit One. The NI2A group (Monday and Wednesday) will have a similar exam on Friday. Study the vocabulary related to weather, home and also uses of "make vs do".

Likewise my NB1 groups will also have a short test on Thursday and Friday covering the simple expressions we have covered so far along with numbers. 

Good luck to all! -- David Shea


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I´m Hirma Ventura from NI2B, I din´t go to class Last Tuesday because I´m sick with a heavy flu at home.My classmate Lupe phoned to me and he told me about the text but I´m not better today so I won´t be able to assist to the text of Unit 1.
I´m sorry but I can´t move my body.
I hope to feel better son.

Anonymous said...

Excume, I hope to feel betther "soon".
Hirma Ventura

David Shea said...

Hirma Thanks for writing to me. I hope you get better soon.
Best wishes