Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baltimore Fire: a Charlie Poole classic

This is a classic old song popularized by the great Charlie Poole from North Carolina. Charlie is long gone, but his wonderful songs live on. I hope you enjoy this tune. Let's sing it together!

1. It was going to a falls by a narrow
That I heard a cry I ever shall remember.
The fire sent and cast its burning embers
On another fated city of our land.

"Fire, fire," I heard the cry, from every breeze that passes by;
All the world was one sad cry of pity.
Strong men in anguish prayed, and calling loud to heaven for aid,
While the fire in ruin was layin' fair Baltimore, the beautiful city.

2. Amid an awful struggle of commotion,
The wind blew a gale from the ocean.
Brave firemen struggled with devotion,
But their efforts all proved in vain.

For more information about the song, go to this page on-line

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