Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Favourite Room is a Cave!

Visitors are surprised to find that some Canary Islanders, up in the hills, live in caves. In fact, these cave dwellings may be quite pleasant, as Tachy from NI2A, points out in his essay about a favourite room.

Our Cave: My Favourite Room

I live in Utiaca, in a detached house with a small garden. When you go inside the house, you can see a big cave which is my favourite room in the house. 

In fact, we use the cave as a living room. The temperature is constant all year long, so when the weather is cold or hot outside, can always find a pleasant place to be in our cave.

The cave has a door and a window but there is not much natural light inside. We keep many souvenirs in the cave. These bring back memories from our travels to India, Morocco, Papua New Guinea and other lands.

There is a large television in the cave, plus a bookcase, sofa and old pieces of furniture.

Best of all, in our cave living room, we find peace! (by Tachy)

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Tachi said...

Wow, what a wonderful place ;)