Sunday, October 9, 2011

CD 1 Answers for NI 2 Clases

To my Intermediate Students,  Here are the answers for the first four exercises of CD 1:
Track one: 3443/SE18PB/43/1963/Moore/ B/ C/ C/B / C
Track two: B/C/B/ July 1st/ cutting down / bad headaches / exciting adventure / expected/ determination/ road
Track three: 3 years/ job / Wales / A / C / C / B / B / A / C
Track four: Techniques and training / British economy / awareness / impossible / replying or responding / answering the telephone / respect / email code / brainstorm / countered 

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Anonymous said...

Well, dear teacher, like you told us in class I can read your blog the answers to the listening that we've done. This paper is only to say that I start using your blog. I hope to take advantage of its use in the future. Thanks and happy day off.
Juan Marqués NI2A