Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spooky Story by Mercedes NI2

There are many versions of this old tale, but Mercedes made this one her own! Although Halloween is already gone, I wanted to include the story in our blog. Thanks to Mercedes for sharing her imagination with us!

Last Sunday I went to a Halloween party with my friends in an old house in Santa BrĂ­gida. We prepared a barbecue in the garden and my friend Peter told me a really scary story about himself. It went something like this...
One day, I worked in my grandfather’s house until midnight. The weather was awful, so I was driving slowly. Suddenly I saw a young girl standing on the road and I stopped. The young girl moved in my direction and got into the car. I took her to the town because she told me that her car had got broken down. Her name was Molly and she lived in a farm near the road. When we arrived in the town, I lent her my jacket because she was cold. I left her at the door of her own home and, after that, I left.
I returned to Molly’s farm to pick up my jacket two days ago. The farm was very old and untidy. I saw an old woman and I asked for Molly. The old woman was surprised and she told me that Molly died many years ago, and that her tomb was near there. I went to the cemetery and I discovered her tomb. I was quite surprised to see my jacket on her tomb!

Since then, Peter doesn’t drive that road at night.

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