Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mercedes and her Sister!

(We have been discussing the merits of growing up as an only children. Mercedes NI2 wrote a nice essay on this subject. Please note the clearly organized structure with an introduction, central body and conclusion.)

Nowadays people start their own family later than our parents, and they often have to work long hours each day. So, many families have one child.

Parents with an only child can buy everything that a child needs, such as: clothes, shoes, computers and toys. They also can bring up a child better than many children. Only children are more independent because they don’t have siblings to help them. However, children without brothers and sisters may feel loneliness. They are often selfish because they don’t lend their toys to other children.

In my opinion, my sister is the most important person in my life, because she always helps me when I need it. She is very loyal and kind. I love shopping with my sister and my cousins, especially in the boutiques in Triana.

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