Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sardinero Beach in Santander: Raquel's Unforgettable Holiday

(The students in NI 2 wrote about unforgettable holiday experiences. This essay was written by Raquel. It describes her first trip to see the sea. She comes from the north of Spain so this experience took place in the north. I have included a couple of vocabulary suggestions in bold face.)

The best holiday of my life was when I was fourteen and I saw the sea for the first time in my life at Sardinero beach in Santander, on the Bay of Biscay coast. As the weather was not great, I remember perfectly that were not many swimmers or sunbathers, just a few animal lovers walking their dogs.

I stopped, transfixed, in front of the sea trying to fathom how big and magic it was, watching the waves and listening to the sound of the sea. To my right, only water, to my left, the same; when I got down to the sand I was so excited that I took off my shoes. I ran until I reached the waterside. I tr really cold water. Then my family came to mind and I wished that they could be with me. I looked around me and saw nearby, under a hill, some sailing boats. In the background, on top of the hill sat the Magdalena Palace.

The sky was as blue as the sky and that was the most  unforgettable holiday of my life.

NOTES for Raquel and her classmates:
fathom = (descifrar) understand, comprehend
sound = (ruido) you could also use “roar” although there are many other adjectives available.

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