Friday, November 11, 2011

Magüi Visits Madeira

Last summer I went to nearby island Madeira with a true blue friend. We did not speak the language (Portuguese) but it is quite similar to our own so we did not have any problem.
The entire trip were fantastic, I really felt relaxed ( because the island is tranquil) and surprised because although it is a subtropical island like Gran Canaria it lacks beach areas. Madeira only has a few beaches along its winding coastline. There is a lot of water and green forests. The people look after the environment and are very kind to their island.
They have kilometres of canals around the island to take the water from the top of the mountains to the houses, some of which are near the sea. It is an interesting system.
Madeira boasts two different kinds of cows: happy and sad. The first roam the countryside grazing and looking contented. The second ones never go for a walk which I found a little strange.
I like gentle exercise so we walked amid the marvelous gardens with all kinds of flowers and fruit trees, you can hardly imagine. It is like paradise. This trip was the most unforgettable holiday of my life.
Magüi (NI 2)

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